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At Foton UK we pride ourselves on our unsurpassed commitment to Customer Service and Aftersales Service and strive to maintain the highest standards in the industry.


Our UK Assembly Plant provides a comprehensive parts store and delivery service. Foton UK keep parts for tractor models at least 10 years after the particular model has been phased out.


To ensure our customers get a fully tested Tractor or machine, all Foton tractors and machines are put through a rigorous pre – delivery inspection at our UK Assembly plant before delivery is made.

Although Foton customers enjoy the benefits of highly reliable and hard working machines, owners can very significantly extend the life of their tractors and machinery through regular self checks / maintenance and scheduled service interval work completed by Foton UK. Our team of Factory trained technicians are equipped to service and repair all our equipment .

Please note, it is important to make certain all checks and service intervals are carried out on time and not exceeded , as this can invalidate your warranty.

Our Normal Terms & Standard FOTON UK Warranty

At Foton UK we offer a standard default machine warranty and also a flexible extended and premium warranty that must be  decided by the customer at time of purchase. The standard warranty suits more than 97% of unit sales for customers who do around 200 hours a year or less with their machines . At this use level, 100% of our customers have been satisfied during the warranty period , because the chances of breakdown are by virtue of little use, much less . Our standard warranty keeps our prices to the lowest price point available within the market and customers costs to a minimum.


  1. Foton UK will accept ( liability limited to the extent of the value of the component repair or replacement cost only ) , and will replace any part found to be defective by our manufacturing fault or by any improper assembly or fitment fault during the applicable warranty period as appropriate below .
  2. Consequential  losses  of anything to do with breakdowns caused by any failed part of our machinery under warranty , are not covered in  any of our respective warranty offerings,  in either standard , upgrade or premium sections, with the exception of the temporary replacement tractor programme ( see premium warranty section for details.) Separate insurances are available for such risks and customers are advised where machinery operations might cause unacceptable loss on any machine down time, to take out cover as appropriate.
  3. Uses other than those the machine is specifically designed for shall invalidate our warranty in every case .
  4. Causes of failure made by and operation by persons who are not properly fit to operate our equipment  for any reason , or who have operated it improperly in any way,  shall invalidate our warranty.
  5. All proper daily inspections by the operator  and service intervals required to be carried out at Foton UK or its dealers, shall be carried out in accordance with published manuals and instructions given , and  unless done  in a correct and timely manor, shall invalidate our warranty.
  6. Fitment of genuine Foton UK supplied parts is always advisable , as spurious parts are known by  us to cause problems sometimes. Please note, especially for safety reasons, any part of our machinery that is modified or altered from original , without the express written authority of Foton UK, shall invalidate all  warranty in any section.

Normal default warranty period is (unless extended by upgrade or premium as per details below , 12 months residential use and 90 days any commercial and or hire use.)

Please note, customers will be deemed to have indemnified us and agreed to these  terms at the time they pay for or take delivery of our equipment, whichever comes first.

Standard warranty is effective on a “customer to return part or machine to Foton UK” basis,  unless premium warranty below is chosen as an extra cost option at time of purchase.


Upgrade Warranty – This cost option includes standard default warranty , but with the added benefit of labour Warranty to cover fitment of the any of the parts that need repair or replacement within the warranty period by Foton UK. There is a nominal cost to upgrade to this warranty , details are available from our offices based on model of choice. This warranty is used by those customers who have higher hours yearly use in excess of 500.

Premium 2 YEAR extended Warranty– This cost option is a dynamic cover which extends Standard and Upgrade Warranty to include free recovery and free courtesy tractor options for a whole 24 months from date of purchase while your machine is in under repair with any Warranty work needing to be done at our workshops.

This warranty is used by customers who have high hours use and also have critical use of our machinery where it would be detrimental to be without their machine for any period of down time.  The Temporary replacement machine offered while any warranty repairs are undertaken,  is the prime reason to choosing this warranty according to customers feedback. Please ask for a costing at our offices based on the specific model to be chosen.

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